You can find all shades of green cities in Turkey: Rize

Rize you can see hundreds of different shades of green, a unique place with the beauty and cleanliness of the food from the air. In particular, one of the most important places of mountain tourism and nature with people almost renewing this city, is among the most important tourism centers of the Black Sea. Especially with the advent of spring and summer, here’s your chance to see unique natural beauty. plenty of rainfall in winter and in summer rainfall continued at regular intervals, the plants and trees here which makes it more vivid colors.

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To be alone with nature and to visit Rize for those who want a peaceful holiday do not forget to add it to your list of places. historical artifacts in Rize, bridges, mosques built with nature. Black will experience more than the character of Rize and warmth of people. What do you think of Rize to go on the trip with the natural and historical beauties? Come on now, then we’re going to Rize.

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Fırtına creek

If you have a passion for nature and adrenaline, this is a place you want to live for you.Firtina’s 2 km away from the Ardesen. This is a very combative and streams haveapproximately 57 km in length. Releasing about water sports, especially not here I would advise the people who want to go rafting.

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This is because a lot of rainfall, I would advise you not to come, especially on rainy days here. The storm dumped into the creek at the end of the Black Sea. Therefore, you need to complete before pouring trails. in the region for it and you can get that information from rafting.

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Kaçkar Mountains National Park

If your hearing is not probably the famous Ayder. Rize Kaçkar Mountains that are connected to Çamlıhemşin National Park, is located within the boundaries of Ayder. National Park’s largest feature is not available anywhere else in the plant and animal species have been taken to protect and to host the world. Here in the year 1994 it has been declared a national park. deer for wildlife protection in the Kaçkar Mountains National Park, wild goats, pigs, jackals, bears and live in it like a lot of animals. lush meadows around the mountain, great lakes, and you can see the magnificent trees.

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Bridal veil waterfall

Nature, one of the most beautiful blessing, Gelintül flowing in with the rest of the wonderful natural and man seems to another beautiful waterfall sound of water. When you come here in spring and summer, you can not get enough of the course. The reason it’s called here Gelintül Falls waterfall flowing bridal veil to resemble. Located in the foothills of the Kackar Rize leave without visiting the waterfall.

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Sen bay bridge

History and nature meet in perfect harmony, and the Rize attracts first places worth seeing in our province. Şenyuva Bridge is among the oldest bridge in the region, built on the creek Çamlıhemşin storm. The total length of the bridge is approximately 40 meters. The inscription on the bridge, according to information I received from the local people lost in the severe floods in 1946. The construction date of the inscription says that 1699 is said by people here. Visit the integrated nature Şenyuva Bridge, you can watch the wonderful views over the square and immortalized with unforgettable memories.

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Ayder And Spas

One of the most important Ayder plateau tourism centers of our country; nature, freshness and relaxes people with clean air. Rize Camlihemsin this place in the district, lined with beech and fir forests and green cover the enormous beauty of the place like a carpet.


known by the local people in Ayder and Ayden transformed into a health center in 2005, Hot Springs, has become a place visited by anyone with healing waters. find healing in the countryside, I can recommend to those who want to relax in a place with clean air.

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Starts happening Plateau

This is the case with a height of 2240 meters Rize largest plateau. Kaçkar Mountains foothills there and be reached by car, takes place the first order for the mountain tourism. Also it has homes that are suited to the natural structure can accommodate Plateau. August and September are the best dates to visit the plateau starts happening. Plateau is done Vartevar festival in early September. You can choose to come here in September. Here you take your indoor air as you open the door of your house in the morning and when you stay, you will feel very rested.

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Cagrankaya Plateau

Rize on the Black Sea and in our country almost the paradise city. Rize’s an important part of mountain tourism in our country. Cagrankaya Plateau Rize is located in İkizdere. In winter when the snow is because a summer visit here recommendation ediyorum.çağranka Plateau is going to have some time in the fog crashed into a beautiful postcard image.

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Rize Castle

Fortress was founded in Rize to the southwest of the city center, the castle and down inside the fortress was built in two parts. Due to the intensity of the settlement down and no damage has been mutated castle. Rize Castle is located between the Great Valley looks quite spectacular. Although there is no clear information about the history of Rize Castle together, it is believed to be similar to the castle Trabzon made by the Byzantine Emperor Alexios between the years 1297-1330.

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Great Gulbahar Sultan Mosque

Rize mosque in the center is where the name of the neighborhood in its name. The mosque was made is not known exactly which year. This is one of the oldest worship center of the city and is said to have destroyed several times in history made. This mosque is having a rectangular shape, it has survived until today without losing its original structure.

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What to Eat?
It is not to hear the beans on behalf of Rize. When you come to Rize best beans, rice, rice pudding and you can eat the famous tulip consent roasting in the restaurant.

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After eating your meal you can enjoy when you do not dey drink tea in a tea to his hometown Rize. You know, London is quite common for sea fishing here. If you want to eat fish in Rize, you can visit the Falls Fish Restaurant. Here are doing all kinds of beautiful fish. But my advice is to eat haddock. Besides onions, corn bread and muhlaması here with a really nice venue.

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If you want to look each other in Rize taste the delicious local dishes, Sini visit the local food and breakfast place. Here roasted pickles, black cabbage, water pastry, trout cooked in butter and you can taste wonderful hazelnut baklava after dinner.

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How to go?

Rize like you can reach by road, you can choose the airline. Rize mountainous and here yet established an airport because it has a rugged construction. 70 km while the nearest airport to descend to reach the airport in Trabzon and Rize Rize transportation can make a journey. Rize If you want to travel further, you can rent a car from the airport

turkey in Sinop, a city in the sea

Sinop is the most beautiful shores of the Black Sea, blue and green combination reveals the almost işlerce to the depths of your soul. natural beauty you see when you come here to make you feel peaceful. local delicacies in Sinop, historical monuments and fishermen with nature also has a separate air times here.

Air Photos

Sinop, takes its name from the Aegean have migrated from here. Sinope in Greek history, was the name of the daughter of the river god. Later the name was Sinop and Sinope have come so far. Sea, Sinop is waiting for visitors to the nature and historical monuments.

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Sinop Peninsula

Black Sea peninsula that juts Sinop peninsula, leaving from the fans with its magnificent views. You will immediately notice the fresh air and quiet when you come here. The most important feature of this peninsula is the most northern tip of the country. Turkey’s most northern tip Inceburun, is located on the northeastern tip of the nose where Boztepe Sinop city center.

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Boyabat Castle Graves

Boyabat Rock Tombs yet too much publicity, so not too many visitors. The height of the rock-cut tombs in the south-eastern part of the village of Salar Boyabat County 200 meters. the tombs carved into limestone cliffs is estimated that by Paflagonyalı. Our country still has to wear and feature that protects from the tombs, you can take a journey in the past by visiting the Boyabat Rock Tombs.

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Erfelek Sweet Falls

a very wonderful feeling to discover the hidden beauties of Sinop. Heaven is a part and which opens its doors to those who want to see just hiding, Erfelek Falls among beautiful waterfalls in the Black Sea. quite different and are enjoying a relaxing sound of flowing water in the form of step with other waterfalls. Erfelek Sweet Falls 28 units of various sizes consists of a waterfall. If you want to spend a long time in nature intertwined patterns from noise and stress, you can visit the lakes located around the waterfall. Also make camp here and keep the look of the lake is also possible.

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İnaltı Cave

Ayancık cave located in the district of Sinop, quite spectacular and have a structure affects people. İnaltı village took its name lies within the boundaries. The length of the cave 658 meters, approximately 300 meters of illuminated. Mystical and only 125 meters of the cave with a mysterious image was opened to visitors. The surrounding roads made quite regularly and escalators. You can visit the cave without getting tired easily when you come here.

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Sinop Archaeology Museum

Established in 1941, historical museum, issued in the archaeological excavations and artifacts reflecting the history able to see today. separate divisions that have been created in the museum available. Stone artifacts salon, coin section, a small icon finds room and lounge areas where you can visit the museum. Artifacts unearthed in the excavations are on display here in Sinop and to reveal what actually happened in the past. Local and sights of the museum visited by foreigners.

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Karakum Beach

To the Rehabilitation coast of Turkey, Sinop and the nearest other areas, it manages to attract attention to the cleanliness of the beach and sea. candidate to be a city holiday beaches with our Sinop province. Guzelyali Beach in Sinop, Yuvam Beach Swan Beach Mansion is unforgettable moments for those who choose Sinop Ayancık beach holiday. Karakum beaches here are among the most preferred beaches. Beach naturalness, protecting diversity and silence to speak. the lower floor of this beach looks a little different from the other beaches. volcano explosion in Boztepe peninsula, ash has covered the ground almost like a sand beaches. Beaches Sinop is located about 3 km away. If you ever go to this beach umbrellas, shower, you can enjoy the sun loungers and eating and drinking places.


Sinop Castle

castle built on the peninsula where the city of Sinop, built in the 7th century BC to protect the city. Rome until today, has been restored by the Byzantine and Anatolian Seljuks. Fortress walls of approximately 2,000 meters long, 25 meters high and 3 meters wide with. Evliya Çelebi mentions is that time travel to the five gates of the castle. The view of the castle will certainly soothe your soul.


Boztepe Cape

Boztepe Cape, a peninsula which includes the city of Sinop, where it is known by the locals as the nose Sinop. Boztepe nose was a candidate before, but the channel between the island and the land was shut down by the Anatolian Seljuks. According to information I received from the people here is going to be a project for the opening of this channel. Boztepe Burner is approximately 8 km long. the name given to the nose as seen through the Inceburun.

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Where to Eat?

Now when you come to Sinop most famous and I want to talk about their favorite places to eat in town by the people.

ravioli in Sinop, yes, you heard wrong. It makes a great space in Sinop ravioli, as well as fame went out of the country. When you come here necessarily taste walnut ravioli with yogurt bakın.mek the name of the aunt’s. It was fairly clean, which is brought by the fast and friendly waiters place your order.

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Local Menden herb soup, corn soup, chestnut domestic rice, Tas Kebab, figs numbing home baklava, rice pudding, fruit juice and molasses can enjoy the many attractions in Sinop. In particular offering homemade jams and breakfast places, famous impossible to find here.


Are you not to eat while you’re in Sinop Stuffed pan? This dish pan between the anchovies and a fabulous dinner with pilaf. Rotary and Akçabat meatballs in Sinop There are places that nice. One such place is the persistence restaurant. The location is quite clean and well maintained. I hope you are satisfied about the food you come to Sinop.


How to go?

As you can reach by road and sea routes Sinop, you can reach by air. If you do not want to spend a large part of your time in the road tiring, my advice to you the airline you choose.

The Beachouse, Coral Coast

Fiji, the Pacific Ocean, south of the desert 150 million years ago by volcanic activity 333 to 106 consisting of an archipelago consisting of the island country. The largest island is covered with tropical forests of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Vita is the capital of Levuka on Nadia’s southern coast is notorious. This exotic resort along the coast and many are listed.

Beginning 15 km south of Nadi extending the South Pacific coast is called The Coral Coast and one of Fiji’s most interested in seeing this region of mainland tourist destinations. In many ranked on the white sands of the resort, Shangri La Hotels, Outrigger Hotels, Warwick Hotels as some international hotel chains are also included. Mangrove forests, steep hills and slopes covered with rain forest, expanses of sugar cane plantations with extraordinary sunset views and is highly recommended for those who want to vacation in Fiji.


A perfect morning on the Coral Coast. each party the night after the rain smells like wet earth and trees and you. Trees and other plants are fairly bright due to wet leaves under the sun. maybe 20 meters behind the coconut trees and the blue of the sea in front of me. After breakfast, I went for a walk to explore a beach like this. White sand and warm sea nearby. I never take the sea for about 10 days over my shorts. We need to Fiji trip 2 t-shirts and shorts.

One of the best activities in Fiji go for a canoe. I discovered paddle pull surroundings and the sea in The Coral Coast coast for about an hour. I was attracted by the sea paddling. I took the tour with a canoe on the island quat and drew dikakt there with underwater life and coral richness. In this coastal coral is colorless and less than the number of fish. Especially starfish was here more. Phosphorous fuchsia darker than the color of fish and Parliement blue color which is close to the sea stars are about one meter altımd.
There are plenty of coconut trees in the ground next to the beach hammock. I moved back to my room to take my book which is close to the sea. They almost parallel to the floor space of a few coconut trees to the sea. hanging too long on one swing. A wonderful view. Always in the following images in postcard tropical island objects in front of my eyes. White sand, blue sea, green, green leaf with coconut trees, sun, hammock … peace time.



All of the clients are young people. and most of the British; Easily understood by their accent. Beach House offers some paid some free activities. Every day at 10:00 it into the woods in the back of the “Jungle Trek” and has this walk takes about an hour. 10 are given to help the villagers is charged with FJ $. At 11:00 Snorkeling Trip ($ 15) has, reachable by boat, the Tadrawa Arcade. Hour 13: 00 to “Coconut Leaves Weaving demostration” there. Again he wished the hours on the beach ($ 25) or right into the forest and the sea at sunset in the evening ($ 35) can ride horse. 15:30 the next two and sometimes cakes and free tea and coffee can be increased by eating more. for lunch the next jam and butter enough for me.

At 16: 00 at the beach volleyball. At any time you can make free kayaking. Dinner (FJ $ 15) if you want to you reported your name and you can choose from three types of menu as you wish. Local Fiji Fiji Gold beer $ 4.75. Billiards, table tennis and darts in the same way free. The one-hour massage FJ $ 20. I think the prices are quite reasonable.

The Beach House


Actually, I have one in my travel plans while he unplanned! Everything was planned down to the finest, do research for a long time before, than go without seeing, without there to map every part of the brain I think sometimes reduces the excitement of the first sight. I’m crazy about surprises, although I do not know where to go and explore without knowing also gives me more pleasure. That is why I’m making my plans generally rough, they just there in my head as a template and the characteristics of the place I go, I shape according to what I found.

Here’s The Beach House offers 2 days of going to mold the capital Suva. I was also going north, head towards goal from Suva Volivoli Beach, The Coral Coast after my plans changed and I decided to stay here a little longer. The Beach House night of my stay in the hostel room resort FJ $ 35 including breakfast and quite reasonable.

Everything the immensely enjoyable, cheap and real holiday. My brain rather than spend it on things that entered my stomach, and I prefer to spend my money on things that appeal to me. see new places, making new experience, a new place to set foot indescribable.

You Need Vision 10 Beautiful Villages in Turkey


Anatolia, hosting the world’s best story, a fascinating piece of land settlement has always been throughout history. vast plains watered by the river, unequaled on earth formation formed by volcanic mountains, decorated with thousands of years of historical heritage sites, stunning beaches and bays, mountains dressed with forests and hills …

Among the Anatolia dotting the mountains and hills, plains established in or near the sea, with the story we are trying to attract the attention of our village. Many of his case appears simple and our villages, each offering you descend deeper into the story and richness in your bosom.

Village of Mustafapasa, Cappadocia

Mustafapasa Köyü

Urgup is only 5 km away, also known as Sinasos Mustafapasa village, until 1924 it was a place where one of the Orthodox Greeks and Turks. One of the best examples is the village of Cappadocia tissue, has recently witnessing the exchange of the most important events in the history of Anatolia. Where the people who came from Thessalonica and Cappadocia in places degraded by at least one of which on the one hand to Mustafa churches and mosques, they are right next to the fairy chimneys. Accommodation advice: Jerv new cave Fresco Cave Hotel, or Hotel, Urgup.

Burns Village, Fethiye

Yonca Lodge

Fethiye is 15 km away from Burns village, just Anatolian Sweetgum trees peculiar to Mugla in the world, impetuous streams, citrus groves, stay in the area for many birds, a natural paradise with Karaot Akgöl and the environment. Fethiye Burns village, 45 km from the Dalaman Airport, is located in Gocek and Fethiye. Mediterranean beaches on one side and, on the other hand, productive citrus groves and lush green mountains as a pastoral statement. Accommodation advice: Clover Lodge or idyllic valley.

Lübbey village, odemis



Lübbey, that about 30 years ago, migration of releasing, almost turned into a ghost place full Aegean village. Today does not exceed the number of 10 live permanently in the village. Small Menderes basin, in the foothills of Bozdağ, five hundred meters above the village of Lübbey, abandoned to their fate, destroyed many houses and the residents are trying to be the last to leave them.


Birgi, Ödemiş


Izmir 110 km away from the village due to the Ödemiş Birgi, it seems Bozdaglar Mountain had been hidden in the lush hillsides in the cooler regions. Which can be seen from the old sycamore and pine trees, stone walls, tiled squat, almost like an open air museum with wooden shutters and houses. Aydinoglu Mehmet Bey, who had served as the capital founded by the Turkmen principality of 1308. One day, the old mansion he committed the hands of masters, schools, shrines and mosques with a village worth seeing.

Türkiye'nin en güzel köyleri

With history dating back to BC 30,000’l year Kayakoy, architecture, narrow streets, an impressive place and the nature of the church. The location is a former Greek village of stone houses ordered to cut the sun along the slope of each other exchange, the villagers migrated to Greece, instead of Western Thrace Turkish families from settled. However, from village houses alışamayıp moved to the plains. Many, many years ago, I suffered abandoned wrecks, the place was almost no sign of life. Even now begun to revive in the village once 25,000 inhabitants and local newspapers said it was issuing a place. Kayakoy going to go right to Ölüdeniz from Fethiye, follow the signs when you come to Hisarönü Karymlassos. Accommodation advice: Oyster Residence.


en güzel köyler
Eski Datca village
Mediterranean Village will be mention of how to be one of the first places that come to mind Eski Datca, the stone houses decorated by bougainvillea trees, beautiful streets and places have been discovered in a peaceful atmosphere. Cannon ball in a small square, a few street has occurred in the air wrapped in humans. We love old houses in the place name that is synonymous with poet Can Yücel new owners are slowly being restored. Alacati is on track to be the future, hopefully not suffer the wrath of the day vacationers in the future. Accommodation advice: Villa familiar.


leaned back into the Kaz Mountain, which has spectacular views over the village Çamlıbel Is it scrumptious, a village of Edremit Balikesir. The artist is a master of Kurtiz villages, village surrounded by olive trees on the hillside moved past because of hacker attacks. then place the Tahtaköy once gained the name of the new name. After the migration of Greek Lesbos, Crete, Thessaloniki from settled here. Local geography exquisite nature, with rich vegetation from one place with the cleanest air in the country. around waterfalls, streams, valleys, national parks, is located across the bay and beaches. Accommodation advice: Albatross Mountain Houses.

Köyün Delisi, Çamlıbel



UNESCO World Heritage List and the special Safranbolu in our country one of the favorite places. Safranbolu is not only a wealth of beautiful houses have been discovered in many places. One of them is preserved in the county, 20 km east of the village is the age-old nomadic tissue. Narrow streets, balconied houses, surrounded by gardens, hedges, to me one of the most beautiful villages in Turkey with the restored house. 140-digit villages have been abandoned around 240 people living in 62 households. The townspeople home diamond, waiting for their guests with indigenous delicacies and souvenirs.

Yörük Köyü, Safranbolu


Şanlıurfa’s Harran historic 44 km southeast, especially as the architecture of the house is a place little precedent in the world. which means intersecting roads where Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian periods, an important center of paganism that was considered sacred celestial bodies. Harran, conical dome houses a symbol of Italy’s trulli in Puglia is said to be inspired by their homes. City walls, the citadel of the remaining period of the Umayyad Grand Mosque, the first mosque in Anatolia and the remains of some of the places sacred wells to be seen.



Savaşan Köyü, Halfeti

Birecik been flooded, Warring village down the Euphrates, he had in living memory with minarets rising from the reservoir. Mosques and schools in deserted villages under water now. Euphrates River with lovely views, beautiful stone carving, which houses stands empty today. Warring villagers moved to the new village was built a little further up. Warring Sanliurfa 120 kilometers, and is located 50 km from Gaziantep.


Some of the most removed from the village, the village is no longer a characteristic according to the new local government law was perhaps the town or neighborhood. Even so, they are still villages in my eyes.

Our lovely village has a lot to add to the list; Adrasan, fisherwoman, Sirince, Doğanbey, Adatepe, Mordoğan, Eskihisar, Almond, Yesilyurt, Kapıkırı, Faralya, Uzuncaburc, Kozbeyli Dalyanköy Akyaka, Tahtakuşlar Cumalikizik Comb, Uzungol, Tirilye and hundreds more … I visited, my favorite and the photos I the village will continue to grow by moving to this list.

Tourism and leisure habits of our sun, sea and sand rescued from the vicious circle, come to discover the beauty of our country cultural trips Is that the time has come?

Turkey’s most beautiful villages, in which you recommended ?.

One of the most beautiful areas of the Black Sea, Trabzon


One of the most beautiful areas of the Black Sea, Trabzon, lush nature, unique lakes, historical sites and the most visited place by tourists for its delicious regional cuisine. summer in Trabzon seen in temperate climates are very hot.

If you want to soak up the serenity soaking up the village atmosphere away this summer in the city, you can convert your route to Trabzon. Trabzon, the best way would be to achieve a fast and convenient air travel. The Black Sea can move on to finding cheap flights to this beautiful city. What to do when you go to Trabzon 5 for those who have put together a nice activity.

Trabzon Attractions

Watch for the Natural Beauty

Uzungol, Trabzon
Trabzon with alluring natural beauty of the region with the abundance of green and blue. Your first stop when you go to Trabzon, clean air, clean water should be olanuzungöl the legendary and impressive views. Çakırgöl addition, Sera Lake and Haldizen lake in the sights. Also Değirmendere, Yambol, Karadere, Koha, Sürmene, Axeman stream, but the stream Kalapot, Macka stream, the stream of Gaul in the city’s natural beauty.

Historic Sites of trip

Sumela Monastery, Trabzon

Greek Empire, the Middle Ages have made the capital of Trabzon, has attracted attention with its many historic buildings. Sumela Monastery, Trabzon Castle, Girls Monastery, Speed Elias Monastery, Hagia Anna (Small other rebels), Soth K. (St. John), Hagios Theodoros, Hagios Christophoros, Santa Maria, Hagios Mikhail, Fatih, New Friday, Nakip, Iskender Pasha Mosque, Bazaar Mosque, Gulbahar Hatun Mosque, Play Cave is one of the places to visit in the city.

Trabzon Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, the Atatürk Mansion, Memis Aga Mansion, Blackwell Ismail Aga Mansion, the house of Mustafa Topal Sarımollaoğl worth seeing in the city. Without the Atatürk Mansion, do not end your trip without visiting the Trabzon Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography.

Look Taste of Local Flavor

Kuymak (Setting), Trabzon Dishes

Trabzon cuisine is mentioned, the first food that comes to mind anchovies. Kale and corn come from behind. This material is prepared as bread soup with a variety of food. Kuymak made from corn flour, anchovy bread, cabbage soup, steamed anchovies, manca, nailing, mainly of rice and pickled anchovy flavor from the roasting of the beans made from Trabzon specific to loby. Gone prepared to return to Trabzon with anchovies and anchovies from eating delicious flavors.

Try Outdoor Sports of Trabzon

Garest Plateau, Trabzon

Trabzon indispensable nature lovers address one of the most appropriate place to try various outdoor sports. Uzungöl’de-Demirkapı can climb the climbing trails in the-King District, Akçaabat – Düzköy- Kayabaşı Plateau – Lishi Plateau, Trabzon – Araklı – Dağbaşı – Aydıntepe underground city – Demirkapı Lakes – Uzungöl’de
Çaykara can enjoy the Jeep Safari in Trabzon; Uzungöl Karastel Hill, Akçaabat Montenegro Hıdırnebi (Yaylakent) in front of and Dogankaya Cayırbag can paragliding.

One of the ideal places for trekking in Trabzon. Stove-Kulindağı Plateau, Figanoy Plateau, lychee Plateau, Haçka Plateau, Düzköy County, Caykara Uzungol town of Garest Plateau, Şekersu Plateau, you can go trekking in Hamsikoy Maçka district.Çatak, Kayaiç of Taşgeçit, Kestanelik is who, Kestanelik, propeller, mill output, the Araklı route where you can stop one of the best canoeing.

The Hiking Building

Rich vegetation and a nice walk in the fresh air with temptations Trabzon lush nature nobody says no. Lush trees, cling wrapped in flowing waterfalls walk you will feel much better yourself.

Olive oil museum in the Aegean coast

Would you like to have breakfast in an old historic place? Both of the busiest streets in the museum … in Akhisar for creating a new concept in this first historical museum heartfelt congratulations entrepreneurial spirit soul.

Huge high ceilings, a spacious building … without touching the historical structure has been restored and made available. On top of being used as an olive oil museum. What more could be asked …


Zeytinyağ işçilerine dağıtılan markalar…

Old oil cans … Just remember Taris. 🙂

They also sells olive oil. I love seeing and tasting different olive oils, especially in the glass bulb. The breakfast getirirlerk you already are using these oils.


The dining room was also a nice paper, I think. They drew the bottle’s technical picture. We really liked us.


Here you can see the breakfast. Currently, two types of breakfast on the table. The menu also rich in this knou. You can find each wire. first 2 regular sprinkling breakfast there and plenty on the table …
Jams, honey, cheese, olives, tomato paste, dried tomatoes, cold cuts they offer. They have very wide options. You give money around £ 15. If you remember the exact value is worth it … I’ve seen more ass breakfast broken …

Bagels menu is also available. you see flakes in the middle of the plate and contains next. (We also crunchy pretzels :))

Menemen middle one … we said 3 to 4 people breakfast, even increased. fresh orange juice as you wish at your disposal.








What’s next? Of course, cappuccino, Turkish coffee … Presentation is great. These plates have special getier from Urfa. You really feel yourself in the palace 🙂

You can also buy this cap cup set 55 tl.y to. Matt version there but I loved it, which is brilliant. It was a little expensive I would take decisive least 2 if cheaper.

He also got off a motorcycle .. That I’m not a motorcycle. I’m motorod attracts official 🙂 Did we take too long for me having to buy a motorcycle, what happens if we just say we were standing. Then, oh, do we get and we’re coming to the world karartık diyip eyes again. I think we’re not the best decision to be given. Because it is a different culture and pleasure, this …
 on our first trip, we decided to make a long-distance motor Bodrum advantage of the Victory Day.

We completed our journey with short breaks in Söke and Milas.



It was one of our holiday we want to have our affordable. We stayed at this luxury hotel rather than a cause without breakfast in the aparthotel. We also chose to stay in Bitez.

We left the hotel apartments also have a version of a regular hotel. I think it was a great choice. I would recommend this place to anyone. The lush, immaculate hotel.

About 1 minute walk to the sea. The hotel has its own café and lounge chairs on the beach. From the beach the rest of the hotel cafe also has a 10% discount.

The hotel is very nice and has a pool among the trees. We had 5 people in the same room. Price we paid $ 300 for two nights. Equivalent to £ 30 per person is coming.


Our first day was to relax in this beautiful setting. In the evening we went to the Restaurant in Bitez famous Bağarası.
The next day we wanted a tour of the basement. Buckling first place we went to. Buddha was an adventure in itself. 🙂
Then the nose Torba- Golturkbuku – Gundogan – we visited Yalikavak Gumusluk-shaped motor. I’m talking about 160 km around the track. It was very tiring but very arbitrary with a tour. Especially with the edge of the sea wind and the engine it was delicious, feeling the sun go.
I’ve always wanted to go to Turkbuku. I get to Golturkbuku been himself. I did not imagine that simple. More janjanlı I had hoped he would. He strolled around, see if we’re famous 🙂

I finally saw the Zuhal Olcay. I did not imagine that we met. I do not like to get a dog, scared out of my helmet with me, we met come true 🙂



The bridge separates the House of Commons, as I heard his side of the people. The public beach on the right before the bridge after bridge beach clubs there.

And what relevance the ducks 🙂

continue on the road … Gundogan …


etc. Yalikavak .


And he was famous Gumusluk … My favorite here …


Handcrafted in the market you can find original things.


History is conducted excavations on the island. You can go to the island over the stones.



bar in the basement was empty streets at night. Bodrum season if closing … We have filled the streets.


Famous basement handmade leather sandals is changing around £ 110.

The next day we came to the center to visit the Bodrum Castle before returning home in the morning.



Breakfast our Society Sailors like coffee in the corner before the castle did in the cage. very tasty bagels. Dinner can eat, you can drink your beer relaxed comfortable. Restorana cheap alternative to expensive solutions …



Bodrum museum entrance … you get the absolute Museum board, sir. Entrance to the museum is $ 20, museum board £ 30 …

We also have a new campaign to have maximum card. Your Maximum booked museum card business. If you are spending and the card from the device you are entering post-free. free for one month after you have entered all the museums. still going to need a month after the museum board. But if you do not visit the many museums, we will be visited at the beginning of a forty-year maximum card works.



The museum exhibits some lunch 12: 00-13: 00 closed from happening. You can visit the castle, but you gezemezs this exhibition. Be aware. Glass museum, shipwreck coins and Karya’l between the princess who closes the exhibition …


They portray the underwater archeology.


Old coins and coins are exhibited in the exhibition of jewelry, a slave and a soldier’s monthly and annual earnings the same. As you know something about this one for some reason bitsede Slavery …




Bodrum view from the castle …

Who out of the wreck ..



The garden of the castle



In the past I did not understand why the basement so popular. I think more inflated.

But when she saw the sea, he feels the history of the people understand why. The purpose of this Society is not people like you and me I told my subject.

Everyone eludes it in the sea is exactly the need to feel the sun in the basement.

Of course, I would recommend a visit of the tourist season closed :

Legend was founded in 1703 St Petersburg is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 3 times the name has changed (Petrograd-Leningrad Sankt-Peterburg). 3 saw the revolution. It was occupied for 900 days.

Peter the Great founded the city have been involved with all the childhood during the fight between his family and his father’s first wife, the mother of the family. Why was the death of his family in front of the eyes of the enemy with Moscow. Europe is the first trip to the tsar Peter the sophistication of Europe has tried to move to Russia. When installing more than 40,000 villagers and Swedes died on the St Petersburg swamp. In 1712 it became the capital of Russia. Czarina came in after they make further enriching the fashion center of the city.

He said Russian city of Leningrad in our time we were there. We used to subject us …

I think St. Petersburg to Moscow thousand prints. Ankara, Moscow and St Petersburg, Istanbul.

Nevski Prospekt, the main street of the city. In all the beautiful attractions already on the street. The hotel is here to say you found you had. Hit the streets and go straight up the river.

On the way you will see plenty of limousines. Russians love it mate 🙂

I said I came here I saw the familiar won the first cathedral. Ditto Turns really. Rome in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican made the same guys that you know. You turn your head to the left a road crossing hopper off this massive thing, in an unexpected moment. 96 consists of column. more beautiful than the way the night 🙂

Singer, you immediately recognize that glass sphere over the building. Singer name may sound familiar. Once upon a time made for companies located in the corners of each household sewing machines.

Aniçkov bridge a bridge where the statues of wild horses and trainer. You can get out of here on a boat trip. Make a bargain. I was able to take very few pictures along the way I sleep 🙂

Yelisev delicatessen established in 1813 with ambitious peasant wine by the Yelisev Pyta shop. After the family chocolate factory, the property wealth of the family then have to walk in God or my servant. Current building was built between the years 1901-1903.

Charlie and the chocolate factory and a building exactly like the inside of the building. A lot of candies, sweets, going to look at the sleeves. It also sells luxury goods in the goods inside. In short, he says I try to wealthy pilgrims. Old cheese, caviar, smoked ham and sausages, etc …

Spilled Blood Church – Resurrection Church both in the same thing. 2. established where Tsar Alexander assassinated that same church reminds the church of St. Basil in Moscow. The longest tower of 81 m. and they put exactly 7000 mosaic outside the church. I think the Russians love this type of onion towers.

Isak square and cathedral opened in 1858. For Isak St. Peter the Great made birthday with corresponding feast day this cathedral. You can watch the bird’s eye view from the top city to go inside as mercenaries. Alone in the index, from the waist to the problem, I do not recommend to the elderly, such as pregnant women and my young-looking. One way or what was steep narrow stairs … 200 odd steps. Half an hour will hit so fast I could not come to myself …

During the Soviet revolution he served as a museum of atheism. I can hear someone laugh filthy dirty, very meaningful 🙂 See the official ceiling and iconostasis name vitaray …

Let’s talk about one of the world’s most famous museum, the Hermitage museum. You can say it as a kind of pissing contest of the Russian tsar. The British Museum, the British, the French Louvre Museum has got the Russian Hermitage. Hermitage is huge, going half-day trip with its huge and fast. I mean really fast then faster. Tick what you want to see on a map Private, take a look as the rest, if not possible, you can not leave here.

I highly recommend that you get your ticket in advance from the internet like us. Although we had to go early in the morning it includes as input. Advance tickets which are waiting for even rows. Hermitage does not joke !!
to be seen;

Most etkilyec portion winter palace. place where the tsar’s family until the revolution. etc … You can see the Tsar family rooms. Recalling the killing of people duygulanıyor.
Pavilion lounge room is mostly marble and gold peacock clock belonged to necessarily look Yekaterina’s secret husband.

The main staircase of the Winter Palace built in 1762. One of you to take a picture from left to right one descends 🙂

One of the most famous room Malachite room has more than 2 tons of decorative stones. Gilded doors and parquet are available.

The drawing room is a must-see Gold. Walls and ceilings gold-plated …
10-foot granite statue of Atlas 5 mission sees column. I also seem to say. It was very impressive.

Compare Rafello Loggia. Yekaterina Rafello the influence of the Vatican frescoes was built in this room.

Voltaire’s statue, Lenordo da Vinci’s “Madonna Litta” of Rembrandt’s “Abraham’s vow to” see n.

Let’s talk about what to eat part of the famous … you definitely will suggest a single address. Go here for sure you will not regret it. Russia can remember what comes to mind. Pancakes and caviar, of course … I was towards the end of the trip, I could not eat pancakes, I could not eat caviar have found this place when I mentioned vızıldark. Russian name with a lot of kind of consciousness called blini or pancakes and can eat here very cheaply. We lost ourselves officially …

u know Natasha is the Russkie

Address: 5-ya Sovetskaya Ulis 24

Another alternative that I can not pronounce the name of the venue is not written proposal and a restaurant. We have found the proposal so now I will describe to you. Fine, if you want a little luxury in the evening, with plenty of misguided view, you get a nice wine also says, go here absolute. Food and atmosphere was superb.

Won just walk in the street to the right of the cathedral, in the back corner you will see a large building. So stay right behind the cathedral’s cross. The building’s top floor, this restaurant is located overlooking the magnificent terrace.

That night we indulge ourselves a little bit. Overall we ate meals Thailand. But the menu is very extensive.

What else is done in Russia. It will visit the streets. Learn necessarily those funnymatruşka

Drink plenty of vodka.

Russia is getting cold in November. I was constantly flickering mode. In fact, even the oil profits. I did not feel my toes a break. But I get anyone to expect me to be resistant to cold and I live in such a place as one of Batman to Antalya. I drank constantly cold soup. Do not be limited with the Borscht, try the others.

Eat plenty of oily beautiful shot can eat during the fight against the body temperature.

Return happily to your home. Because to live well to visit Russia çoook cold !!!

salmon suggestions !

Salmon is perhaps the most articles published on behalf of fish species. The reason is that more types of dishes prepared with the salmon and the omega-3 factors. Informed consumers are deciding based on the price and appearance while many consumers get the benefit of knowing that these fish.

As is known, a week should consume at least two fish meals. Fish is high in terms of nutritional value than many foods. Fish said when the salmon, which should contain minerals, vitamins, proteins, and particularly to the fore in terms of omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is a wide range of dishes you can prepare for highlighting another issue te. You can find dozens of recipes made with salmon. This price comparison in the quality of the fish brought to the fore. Amplitude, due to the great interest in the market as we face sliced. This has become the ornament of our fishing looms fish imported from Norway. Norwegian salmon salmon labeled as the most important feature is that it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The benefits of these fatty acids ‘Fish Yemen Benefits’ is described in the article on. Although made necessary statements about the benefits of fish in this article, I need to write again to demonstrate the value of salmon.

including in particular the development of our children, nervous, muscular, digestive, skeletal system; more important fish to your table for the health of our brain function, especially not missing salmon.


Olive Rock Festival Guide

What awaits those who want to go to Olive Rock Festival last year we told by our experience.
Most people love camp rock, and in August, begins preparations. Tickets are being received, the trip is planned, tents, mats preparing the eminent place … Balıkesir exits heading to Zeytinli`Y. Turkey’s best olives reputedly took the stage as the festival of the team Rock Festival, it offers what to let guests. Is it worth going to, Is not that worth? I will try my best to describe the environment as much as possible and I advise my own experience.

I’m talking about things that will be repeated this year, there’s no such thing. I went last year. Maybe better, maybe worse. You formed your idea Purpose head.


April-May, a group of friends “planning frenzy” containers. Remove one says, “or see that there is such a thing, it’s cheap, we will go to the evening concerts are a 5 day holiday What a nice job.” Wick is ignited, busily begin the research. Finally decided, it will go to Olive Rock Festival. Summer chief of staff explained, excitedly HRM folding.

Now before I begin the preparation stage. Zeytinli do not need to take many things in order to sustain your life. The number of days until the T-shirt, at least a little shampoo, sunscreen, insect medicine, you will be PowerBank charger and your minimum needs. If you set this bag you comfortable. I took a small backpack + handbag, handbag tent stood 5 days. I never use the Table of Contents. No need to summarize porter. Items such preparation work.

Let’s talk about the way the conversation. There are different options available. Where to go first, they have different choices depending on how much fun or painful the road will pass. We came intercity bus from Istanbul. We sit under way biscuits for full containers in which the refreshments we’re slurping a slurping. Vice festivalciyiz we looked at, we have no money, was sound. 75 going 75 kept coming 150 pounds. We went down to the bus station Akcay Zeytinli`Y minibus. He minibuses save lives. but it seems near impossible to walk from Akcay-Olive tired period. Mobile money or is it a separate course …

hitchhiking on the road are numerous. If you have a bit of an adventurous person, I highly recommend it. BlaBlaCar facilities there, something like hitchhiking or less of action. You meet the fuel costs of driving, you’re coming in to talk to the. They both seem to work. Edremit rich who want to come by plane at the airport in a taxi down to make the festival area. I do not know if there’s bus or van.


The festival’s type’s very clear. Otogardayk even more you understand it. Many already after the first day of the festival participants was traveling Akcay. It was apparent from the already well as pumpkin bracelet.

People’s attitude is very positive. People all year, the most money won in the period, that 5-day period. The attitude is very good for the festival. I talked with a couple, not from festival attendees are fed up with locals and tourists. “They’re human at the beginning of the festival’s general student or intellect, not tiring for us.” shaped.

Festival worst moment for us was the moment of entry. I went down from the van, we come to the festival area. 9 o’clock in the morning vicinity. The doors would be opened at noon I remember correctly. August heat, it can not proceed as a tent to fear. Already people as they left the bag, shadow shade find a place in the past. We also have bags tents left row, we passed the bottom of the wall. It was late or something goygoyl 2-3 hours, we estimate over half an hour. Then we look at the order’s happening in front of them a whirl. Just in case we bear, we waited to advance. Apparently they get inside before officers. Frustrated us, we’re back. Evening 6 could set up tents inside and right. Moreover, there was only the first day of the opening evening party, the day was empty. This year will be full for the first day, there will be a lot more crowded. I encourage you to be patient. Already waiting in queue, people go out of the house across the street festival participants are watering. Know what you are watering, hose and shower with clearance outfit. Do not worry, you are bone-dry half an hour.

If you are staying in the tent where the tent is very important. Officials did not show us something, we have established by our heads. But if you install the wrong place to come warn dinner the night or something, “no pilgrims here,” said nonsense they take elsewhere. They divided the way the camping area. I suggest that you set up a tent at the bottom of the road. Later in the head with beauty because many people are falling into the tent, eliminating the need for tents .. Not nice things. You must set up the edges of the toilet, your days will infamous smell. I would also recommend that you not setting much together, you have a high probability of tripping on the rope of the tent. We have established a tent from 4-5 to the corner of the way I talk about it. We opened the entrance of the tent toward the sea, was coming from the sea ice, albeit less wind. at least the night was blowing.

There is also the possibility of house keeping. You guys and gals in a crowded tent and you do not want to take home plenty of opportunities disgrace. Diary 30 pounds per person is coming home. You much more comfortable tented, but immediately expelled from the venue after the concert ticket without camping. While there are mornings in the camping area, it looks the way you throw them, and the house to the street.

The hotel facilities are there but the crappy hotel is 100 pounds per room, evaluated in a difficult position. 5 days remaining tent friend stayed at the resort in one of the crappy hotels I mentioned extend one more day, as the king came he said. Think you rest.

Do you have a tent, but you do not want to stand in the camping area, you have another opportunity like this. You can set up tents in their garden negotiates with the owners of nearby houses. I do not know the issues, but house prices eventually, clean toilets, clean shower, or something in safe hands the phone’s charge assessed.

Let us not meet the basic needs of the chapter on the environment. What are these, article by article, let’s examine:

Shower: 4 units in the concert area if I remember correctly, the shower had 4 in the camping area. After the first day I repented shower. The first day we go to the shower excitement given by the frustration he has suffered for everyone. First, the shower is in the beach showers. The cabin-style does not have a system. To enter the shower (I am speaking for the first day) as we waited about 20 minutes. Shower takes 2 minutes already, 4 ordinary about 150 people watching you. They plunged into the shower longer than 5 minutes there he would cut short, then you can not go into a queue to get a more complete shower.

Toilet: Too many people Aban toilet, but the first day of the next days, smells, etc. in terms of distress can go naturally. No light, the cabin you can not see where you are officially hired. The cabin was a friend of the range above the frequency of holding a flash.

Food: Feds not happened. Prices were eligible last year, this year I do not think too much time in the future. Plenty of choice, not very long queues. You can also dine comfortably.

Beverage: Beer cheaper than drinking beer festival attendees were already in the water intentions. 50 barrels last year was $ 8, I’m guessing that this year will be 10. Pentagram concert after the last day of the beer began to give than 5 pounds. I can say that in the last hours went like hot cakes. In addition, your ability to persuade the freebies you can get beer from higher officials. The first day I did not find water in the field until the evening, we experienced a lot of problems that we have entered in the first moments.

Phone charge: There charging station on site. Namely, they make a table, they recline a power strip, you can give the phone to charge 1 pounds. Whether wait for the beginning of the phone, or go to sleep in tents. But my friends found many phones have given back to their owners. One important note, the phone lock password, etc. 5 days into it. If your phone is lost when it is difficult to convey locked.

Sleep: This is a bit troublesome situation. Concerts (subject to change according to the latest group) ends the night with 1 to 4 and a half. At that time, it seems impossible to sleep go to the tents. People say stolen guitar on the beach, loud shouting etc. Plenty of noise going on. At the moment the dawn hours of sun noise. At that hour you sleep you sleep little, you can already go back to sleep, even if the sun does not sleep. We wake up every morning at 8 we sweat. Officially it became our email alert sun. It was said that the shaded area of 1000 square meters. Campgrounds in the shady parts were reserved for employees. We stayed at the Bedouin in the desert as we wake up sweating. It is impossible to enjoy the evening to sleep. You say in one of the cafes to go to a tea olive center, take 3-4 hours to sleep, you come back to the concert and drink your tea. We usually sleep in cafes and tea gardens. Very difficult to sleep in the tent.

that the environment in general. Let’s see now the main event scene fun. Is it worth it, not worth it?

There is a true; artists and groups waiting formally olives. 7pm so naturally less known than in the group, but even 45 minutes playing groups pushing boundaries. Without exception, these are in each group. Fine performances are unsure about whether you will follow. The evening’s performance even more bombs. Sebnem Ferah I am speaking for the last year, Teoman Duman, Hayko, they taught the true sense of the word heavy hitters like Pentagram. The crowd and the beautiful environment of the group who are jumpin ‘. Olives cut out for it.

We also have a situation like this. go to the concert separately for each group, (most indoor assume that) time and, as entertainment, as well as financially distressed. Olive Rock Festival has really surprised me about it. Inexpensive, yes. Good groups, too. Performances are good or very good. What else do you!

Olives to enjoy along with about 35,000 residents and the people in the crowd of about 10,000 tents Rock Festival concert will be the right choice. Yes, there are some difficulties, but fun as well at that level. You’re young, you’ll have fun. Maybe you take shortages there will be overshadowed by the entertainment that was our scoring. Every young person and I believe that experience must live rock lovers. It had to answer questions in the mind of this writing. Have fun!